Frequently Asked Questions

What is DonateToday?

DonateToday is a new way to donate to charities and causes you care about, where the donation is added to your mobile bill or taken from your pay-as-you-go credit. DonateToday works with charities across the UK to make online donations easier.

How can I donate and what fee do you take?

Donations made with DonateToday are added to your mobile bill, rather than to a credit or debit card. We work as a trusted partner of the UK mobile network operators to bring this technology to charities.We take a 5% fee from each donation made on DonateToday. This covers the costs of maintaining our technology and ensuring we can continue to bring better mobile donations to more charities. Here's an overview of what we provide for our fee:

  • We offer assistance and advise charities however we can, big or small, on how to best utilise mobile donations and raise the most they can within our best practice guidelines.
  • We provide customer service on behalf of charities, answering calls and emails from those who have already donated or who have any questions about using DonateToday.
  • We take full responsibility in processing the GiftAid declarations claimed through DonateToday, as a GiftAid agent.
  • We give charities access to detailed analytics tools and help them to understand how their mobile donation campaign is performing.

How can I set up a monthly donation?

On the donation screen, once you’ve chosen your preferred amount to donate, you are asked whether you’d like to make your donation a one-off, or set up a monthly donation.By clicking ‘Yes, Donate Monthly’, you can give your selected donation amount on a monthly basis. You’ll be asked to confirm your selection on the next page.To end your monthly donation, send STOP to 89365.

How do I know if my donation is successful?

Once you have successfully donated, you’ll receive an SMS confirmation containing the details of your donation. You’ll also be shown a confirmation page on your browser. DonateToday and your donation amount will also be shown on your mobile bill.

How are my donations transferred to the charity?

DonateToday automatically transfers donations to the charity, minus our fee, at the end of a 45 day cycle.We also process GiftAid reclamations for our charities and include this extra income in their monthly payment.

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